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Dancing Angels - Gästebuch

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Wow, Alison! That is eclectic. I must confess that I attempted Uris’s Trinity while still in high school but could have sworn the Catholics were the Orangemen. And yes, I didn’t do well in history class either.

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Wau, onpa hieno. Ja parasta, että sitten kun kyllästyy, sen saa nopeasti pois!Minäkin ostin värillistä kontaktia tuossa syksyllä ja ajattelin, että nyt sitten rätkin sitä joka paikkaan. Vielä olen ollut hyvin maltillinen, ja kalusteet ovat saaneet olla rauhassa. Hmmm...

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Ach komm, aber dafür sehen sie wirklich verdammt lecker aus. Auch wenn ich nicht so der Weihnachtssüßigkeitenliebhaber (was für ein Wort) bin, bei Plätzchen kann man ja immer ein bischen variieren und ungeliebte Zutaten weglassen oder verändern :-)

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« Rien compris à Wanatoctoumi. (“Passant par Sarlat, par Gap, par Arras, Falstaff alla à Rachtadt. Là-bas, Falstaff s’attacha à Carla… « Pars, fada ! », lança l’avatar pas grand.”) »Monovocalisme. What a man !

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really? when you nap you don't sleep, i will definately have to try that, then. here i was thinking all this time that you're supposed to fall asleep :(have a great weekend

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Well, goodbye, my dear diet. I must have some cheese bread. This looks too good!!! I must make it right now! My mouth watered when I looked at the picture.Thats my que to the kitchen!

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Hi.. is there someone who has the piano music sheet of this song as well as the Reason’s music sheet. I would realy appreciate if you share it to me. Please send it to . Thanks so much!!!!

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Congratulations, and excellent sparkly dress! I made the schoolboy error of forgetting that I would have to wear a crappy gown over mine, and picked something that looked stupid once the gown was one. Very nicely done!

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Yeah, but the call … Yeah, but the call is free since it is a 1-800 number. They DO NOT call you. You can call them if you have any problems with your account and leave a message. They will know which account the message came from because of the number you gave will match up with the number that left the message and they will contact you back in the support section on their website.

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This is GREAT! God asks us to do some hard things but the reward is way more than the anguish and pain. So happy for you! And, so happy that you listened to Him! :)

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I love this! I was sitting here getting depressed because I no longer have a little one to take trick-or-treating and you ladies have done a wonderful thing!! I thank you all so much!

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Ahah!Quem é que ainda ontem disse que os corações não andam aos pares?!Eu quero entrar e podem vir com o chá príncipe e as bolachinhas?(vou blogar isto...)

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Hi Jim,I recommend using the automatic configuration for both settings, just like you have it set. In the webcast I explain that using non-default (aka non-automatic configuration) is risky.

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Mais elles le peuvent ! Dès que le syndicat Medef fait gros caprice, ça s’étale en une partout. Ne cessent-ils pas de couiner que tout le monde fait rien qu’à être meuchant avec eux ?

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